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How Workplace Accidents Happen

Preventing accidents in the workplace starts with understanding how and why they occur, in the first place. There are a myriad of reasons why these accidents can occur let's examine some of the most common causes of workplace accidents especially preventable accidents.

An amazing number of workplace injuries happen due to slippery, rough or uneven surfaces. These include floors, ground surfaces such as one would find at a construction site, and common walkways, like sidewalks and car parks.

Prevent surface related accidents by ensuring that there are no trip hazards present. Mark any objects that might cause a worker or visitor to trip, and clean up any spills that could present a slip hazard right away. Use proper snow and ice removal techniques on walkways and in car parks and entryways to prevent people from slipping.

Workers can take some extra precautions by wearing footwear that has some type of tread, and employers can put policies in place that require anyone in an area where a particular hazard is present to wear the appropriate footwear. In addition, workers need to be able to see where they are going. Never carry a load you can't see over, and avoid walking through areas that are not properly lit.

Poor Housekeeping Practises
Most workplaces have chemicals on site everything from cleaning materials to printer ink and toner, to industrial chemicals used in manufacturing. Keep chemicals properly stored and separated. Follow proper safety procedures and ensure employees are aware of the various hazards chemicals pose.

Spilled chemicals need to be cleaned up immediately. Some chemical substances, such as chlorine bleach and ammonia, which are both commonly found in cleaning cabinets, are toxic when mixed. Be sure employees are aware of potentially hazardous combinations and do not allow anyone who is not properly trained to handle the cleanup of spillages.

Automobile and Heavy Equipment Accidents
Accidents involving a variety of vehicles are one of the leading causes of work related injury and death on the job. Many people drive for a living, and even more people use some kind of equipment during the course of employment.

Employers and employees alike can prevent accidents caused by automobiles and heavy equipment, by ensuring anyone who uses company vehicles and machinery is properly trained. Defensive driving courses can help prevent accidents, and so can company policies prohibiting distracted driving. People who drive for a living, such as delivery drivers, need to be sure they stay alert at all times. Never drive while drowsy, never send or receive text messages, and only use a mobile phone if it is equipped with hands free technology. Take the time to stop and stretch every few hours, and stay properly nourished and hydrated. Precautionary measures like this take time, but they're absolutely necessary for safety.

Office Related Accidents
Office jobs have inherent risks, mostly involving repetitive motion and ergonomic problems. Be sure you sit in a chair that's right for you and the task at hand. Never stand up on a chair with wheels, and keep your work spaces clean and clear of clutter. Rest your eyes periodically, and take plenty of breaks to stretch your legs and get some fresh air.

During your time off, participate in physical activities to keep your body healthy. Sitting for long periods of time can cause muscles to atrophy so be careful not to let yourself succumb to this type of preventable problem.

No matter who you are, or where you work, stay safe and enjoy better health and well being you'll be more productive, and you'll enjoy life to the fullest.

There are anything from factory accident claims to building site injury claims that happen in the workplace so make sure if they happen to you that you

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