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Heavy Construction Equipment and Trucks For Sale, Canada, With Canadian Financing

Heavy construction equipment and trucks in Canada or United States that are for sale are available with Canadian financing. Whether you are locating heavy construction equipment and trucks in Canada and/or Unites States for sale, such as concrete pumps, dump trucks, hydraulic excavators, bulldozers, crawler tractors, motor scrapers, diamond grinders, compaction equipment, aggregate equipment, off highway truck, etc can be an acquisition and financing opportunity for Canadians.

Today's economy in the Unites States is all over the place and offers Canadians tremendous discount opportunities on United States construction truck and equipment with conventional Canadian financing and leasing being offered on either U.S or Canadian equipment acquisitions.

Canadian construction truck and equipment owners can seek special acquisition deals in the U.S secondary markets where there are repos and off lease trucks and equipment to be secured for acquisition.

These acquisition deals are spread out from California to the East Coast and enables the start up and seasoned Canadian owner operators an unique opportunity to acquire construction trucks, trailers and related construction equipment items for an extraordinary discounted price with Canadian financing being offered...

The clearance of these heavy duty construction trucks and related construction equipment are paramount for these U.S dealerships and banks to continue operations.

Canadian lenders are offering either financing on either normal conventional acquisitions, and/or repos and off lease heavy duty construction equipment and trucks with a minimum credit score starting as low as 550 and require as little as first and last payment to start and/or expand their business for Canadians. Additionally, there are some application only Canadian financing programs up to ,000. Amounts over ,000 require some additional documentation no order to satisfy banking requirements.

In addition, if you are a cash buyer, there is large opportunity to acquire a construction truck, trailer and/or construction equipment at a substantial discount....

The types of heavy trucks and construction equipment dealers are offering are built by:

Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, Mack, International, Volvo. Sterling, Ford, GMC, John Deere, Caterpillar, Case, Olin, Reed, Komatsu, Kobelco etc

In conclusion, a Canadian can buy construction equipment and trucks either in the United States or Canada and be eligible for Canadian financing. This is a buyers market for construction trucks and equipment..

Canadians, happy hunting for your acquisition of a heavy duty truck, trailer and construction equipment and its related Canadian financing.

About the author: Rick has over thiry years in the financial field, including leasing, working capital and hard asset money loans, and commercial lending.


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