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Bare Hill Correctional Visiting Procedure

Bare Hill Correctional is located on Brand Road in Malone, NY. At the time of this writing you will find that processing for visits take between 2 and 3 hours. This is totally unacceptable especially when this prison is less than 30 miles from theCanadianborder.

Processing starts at 7AM - visting ends at 3PM - however the hospitality centers opens at 6AM you cannot be on the property before this.

New York State has 3 large prisons in Malone, NY - Upstate Correctional, Bare Hill Correctional and Franklin Correctional. Within 1.5 hours of Malone there is an additional 3 large prisons. Clinton Correctional, Altona Correctional, Chateaugay Correctional. There maybe more I do not even know about. I could write an entire article about the ignorance of why New York State would even put this many prisons in this area when the population of inmates in these prisons comes primarily from New York City and other large upstate cities like Albany and Buffalo. the families all have to travel to this far off town of Malone in order to visit loved ones who are incarcerated. The cost of this trip is considerable. Many children do not get to see there fathers or mothers for months at a time. In theseeconomictimes when gas is over 3.00 a gallon the cost isenormous for families of inmates who have to travel 8 or 9 or 10 hours.

Bare Hill is considered one of the cookie cutter prisons in NYS - it was built during the 1980's. The visiting room is half the size it ought to be. At some point they doubled the size of this prison but never doubled the size of the visiting room. At busy times visits will be terminated to let more visitors in. After driving all night this is not acceptable!

These cookie cutter dorms hold 60 men. Many prisons across NY state are empty like Fishkill with entire dorms with no one living in them but yet they are heated. Why is it that we need to ship people to theCanadianBorder? When so many prisons downstate go empty? New York State Corrections needs to look at why this is. If they don't I am certain our newGovernorCuomo will be!

Bare Hill is a transient prison. People come and go in this prison. Some are there for a bit but the majority will only be there for short times. You will find that most people either are coming out of S Block, parole Violators or Sex offenders but there are new people to the system. This prison seems to be adisciplinaryprison for the most part. I am seeing that the majority of visitors to this prison are first time visitors to a New York Correctional Facility.

After traveling the majority of an overnight trip you want to make the very most of your time allowed to visit. When you are at Bare Hill but under the current visiting procedure it is cuting the visit when you could be enjoying time with your loved one who isincarnated.

The staff at Bare Hill are polite but not particularly friendly. Many visitors are not kind to them for this reason. I see it over and over again in the Hospitality Center. If you are kind they will be kind back.

Hopefully Bare Hill Correctional facility will get the process down and speed it up for our visits. There are many places where this can be done. Educating first time visitors would be extremely helpful. Having an area where children can play or watch tv during these long waits. Children should not be expected to be quiet and well behaved during this time. These are children who are waiting to see there Dads, Uncles,Friends,Grandfathersthese kids are excited by this!

Please do what you can and read below so the Bare Hill CorrectionalVisitingprocess can be spead up. Waiting for hours on end is grueling after a long long car or bus ride up there and we all want to see our loved ones for as long a visit as possible!

Bare Hill Correctional Information for Visitors

Make sure you know which day you are allowed to visit. Ask your loved one for a schedule before you go up there.This changes from week to week according to the inmates DIN

When you arrive at Bare Hill Correctional check in at the Hospitality Center which is located as you pull in to the facility it is on your right.

You will sign in and the staff will give you a pass with a number on the corner make a notation when you sign in if you have a package - Fill out the pass completely

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you are a first time visitor

You will need 2 forms of ID one must be a government type ID with picture (license, passport, DMV ID etc)

You will need to fill out the first time visit form which you must get in the hospitality center prior to going to the Administration building have this completely filled out

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If you have a package wait for your number to be called then bring your package up to the officers in the hospitality center for an initial check.

You will wait once again till your number is called in the hospitality center

Numbers are called in groups of five - when called you will proceed to the Administration building


***Please get to the Admin Building as fast as possible otherwise you are holding everyone up behind you.

When your number is called if you came by bus (only) and you need a locker please inform the officer they will get it for you.

Remove all jewelry, belts, anything you can remove that is metal and empty your pockets in the hospitality center prior to going to Administration.

Once your pass number is called you will proceed to the Administration Building where you will be processed - this building is located across the parking lot from the hospitality center.

*****You will not be allowed entry to the facility if the metal detector goes off*****

If you are wearing an underwire bra or any metal you will be required to remove it if the detector rings.

You will be provided with clothing to go through the detector then change again back to your clothing.

This holds us all up it is suggested you wear a sports bra with no hooks and no metal on any clothing.

When visiting any NYS Correctional Facility bring a change of clothes just in case!

If you came by car bring your keys to the administration building and you will be provided with a bag to put them in.

When you arrive at the Administration Building you will be asked to be seated till your number is called.

Have your ID and pass ready

When you are called you will sign into the log book hand your pass and ID to the officer at the desk. You will wait till he checks the computer and enters your information.

The officer will then tell you when you can go to the metal detector.

Before going through the detector ask for a bag for your keys if needed.

Remove everything from your pockets, jewelry money etc and place it in the wooden box provided. You will also place any outerwear and shoes in this box as well.

Once you pass without the metal detector going off you will be allowed access to the facility

Again you will not be allowed into the facility if the metal detector goes off!

You will go through a series of gates and finally this will lead you to a small visiting room where you will check in with the officers at the desk and they will assign you a table to sit at.

Visiting ends at 3pm however if you take a bus you will need to leave before the shift changes at 2:30 - the officers will make an announcement regarding this at 2pm

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