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Free Unclaimed Money Websites

The realization that there might be some free unclaimed money lying somewhere in the state treasuries around the U.S. usually comes late to most people. And to most it seems too good to be true. State treasuries and Federal agencies have been consistently trying to educate the U.S. citizens about the real possibility of unclaimed money and the process to claim them.

Most of the state governments now have their official websites which are also attached to a database of unclaimed money owners. These websites also offer a claim form to the visitors which can be filled up and submitted online with just a couple of clicks. In addition to these state sponsored websites, there are some accredited and reliable unclaimed money websites which provide all the relevant information regarding the claim process as well as the owners of these unclaimed monies.

Some of these websites worth a mention are
1] This is a NAUPA-endorsed website that hosts search-able databases for nearly every state. If your state is not in the list, then you can visit the NAUPA's official website itself (
2] For unclaimed Refunds Checks, you can visit the official IRS website ( In a recent report, it was disclosed that by the end of 2009, IRS had more than 0 million in unclaimed refund checks.
3] Demutualization Payouts: The best place to search this form of unclaimed money is Over the past decade, some major insurers have converted from mutual life insurance companies, owned by their policyholders, into publicly traded firms, owned by shareholders. In this process of demutualization, the firms give their policyholders shares of stock or cash.
4] Old Stock Certificates: It is another very common type of missing money and also very hard to track down. The best place to start looking for the unclaimed money in Old Stock Certificates is If you have the CUSIP number -- an identification number used for stocks and bonds -- call your broker and find out the value of the security. If you don't have the CUSIP number but know the name of the company, try the investor-relations department of the firm and ask the registrar to help you.
5] For Lost Pension Checks, the most reliable website will be Were you a participant in a pension plan offered by a company that went out of business or closed its plan? Millions of dollars of pension benefits go unclaimed because those owed the money can't be found.
6] In case of unclaimed Bank Accounts, the most trusted information about your bank can be found at
7] Do you have unclaimed or forgotten Savings Bonds. The most reliable website for this will be Savings bonds are more often forgotten than lost -- billions of dollars of matured savings bonds have never been cashed.
8] Free Unclaimed Money Wesbites. There are many unclaimed money websites cropping up throughout the internet. To access one of the largest single databases of U.S. unclaimed money, the most reliable and popular unclaimed money website is This database includes the owners and the associated unclaimed funds and covers all the fifty states.

About the author: Searching for unclaimd money is a great way to add some extra cash to your bank account. The best way to search for unclaimed money is to log on to This is one of the largest unclaimed money searh databases in the world. Log on to to begin your free unclaimed money search today!


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