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Iloilo, Philippines - Top Must Visiting Tourist Attractions

Situated in the Western Visayas region, Iloilo is a province of Philippines.The localites of this province are called Ilonggos, who speak two local languages one is Hiligaynon and the other one is Kinaray-a.Fiesta is a major festival of Iloilo celebrated annually in every town of this province.It is a colorful event.As far as tourism is concerned, it is one of the major sources of its economy.

This part of Philippines offers something for the people of all ages, right from spectacular beaches to great museums, majestic churches, beautiful gardens, theme parks, shopping areas and more.Thousands of people from across the globe come to Philippines for beach vacations, as it is bursting with numerous stunning beaches.One of the sites that houses huge number of beautiful beaches in this country is Iloilo.So, make your tour to this site and enjoy the best that Philippines beaches have to offer.The top five beaches of this province are Tambaliza, Agho, Antonia and Puerto del Mar.These are the best picnicking spots offering wonderful sightseeing and many adventurous activities to enjoy.The most exciting activities, which you will surely love are snorkeling, kayaking, diving, combing and sun bathing etc.

After beaches, churches are most visited attractions in this area.People looking for divine peace mostly visit these sacred houses.You will find a lot of Spanish architecture influences over these holy buildings, which make them more attractive.

There are many churches in the province of Philippines but the most famous ones are - Santa Barbara Church, Jaro Cathedral and Miagao Church.These holy buildings are the national landmarks of the country.So, while on vacation here, must visit these historic sites of the Province.

Although Beaches and Old Churches are the most popular tourist attractions, there are many other places of interest too to visit in this region. Some of the most popular tourist spots except beaches, & churches that you must visit here include - The Bulabog Puti-an National Park, Concepcion Island, Isla de Higantes, and Old Downtown Iloilo etc.

Besides incredible sightseeing, this part of Philippines also provides many adventurous activities to its visitors.One of the best activities that draw thousands of enthusiasts here is diving. Iloilo houses numerous world famous dive sites, where visitors can have an exciting diving experience as well as can enjoy watching incredible marine life at its best. The top ranked dive sites here include – Iyang, Danao-Danao, Balbagon, Anhawan Island and Igbon Island.

So, make your vacation to this nature lover's paradise and find all that certainly make an ideal holiday.You can easily reach this part of Philippines by air, road, rails and sea ways.And for those bothering for lodging, there are many cheap to luxury hotels, motels, inns, resorts in Iloilo, which offer top class accommodation and services at best affordable price. Some of the most popular lodging options of this area include - Century 21 Hotel, Sarabia Manor and Convention Center, Highway 21 Hotel, Hotel Del Rio and Amigo Terrace etc.

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