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In recent history, Canada has grown very fast in terms of technical knowledge. Its culture, lifestyle, corporations and class one government all knowledge based. It is one of the world's richest nations with a great lifestyle and an incredible infrastructure. Looking at the phenomenal background of Canada many foreign workers (youngsters) have a keen interest in getting an opportunity to work in Canada.

There are a lot of working programs for hiring temporary workers in Canada. There is a positive side to this issue as they are actually filling the requirement for skilled workers and low skilled workers for jobs in Canada due to the lack of required skill workers, low number of applicants and to reduce costs. To get hired to work in Canada, you have to sort out some legal issues and every foreign national who wishes to work in or to enter in Canada should carry a valid visa with him/her.

The rules and regulations for getting into Canada after meeting the preliminary requirement are that the employer has to file a Labour Market Opinion application. Service Canada reviews the application and issues the Labour Market Opinion approval; the employee has to then submit the work permit to the consulate that services their country. If the country does not have a Canadian consulate they have to depend on the Canadian consulate from another country.
The Canadian consulate requires the employee to undergo a medical examination before entering Canada. The visa officer can discard or refuse your request to work in Canada for different reasons. The most common reasons for rejection are that the candidate has failed to pass the medical examination for entering in Canada, the candidate is a risk to the country, the person does not meet the norms for the job set by the Canadian government or the candidate has a criminal record. After a person meets all terms and conditions, he will be informed by letter stating that he/she is eligible to get a work permit to work in Canada. When the candidate reaches the Canadian border he has to produce the letter of approval for his/her application for the officials and then he receives his/her work permit their.

We are certified immigration consultant members, under the "Canadian society of Immigration consultants", for doing all types of immigration services and international recruitment for Canada. Our Foreign Worker Agency will recruit the best foreign workers and our immigration consultants will handle the LMO (Labour Market Opinion) and work permit extension paperwork.
Our services include preparation of application forms and all of the supporting documents for presenting to the officials of Citizenship and Immigration Canada for extension of work permits.
We follow up with the officials of Citizenship and Immigration Canada and also the other departments of the Government of Canada regarding the status of the work permit extension application. We provide information and answers to questions about your work permit extension.

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