Journey through the culture and daily life of Canada Families of Canada

I went to the library to pick up some DVD' for my kid.  I came across  DVD title: "Families of Canada", and I thought it would be a great idea to let you into the life of the Canadian families and how they manage their day to day life, by sharing what's in the DVD with you.

This DVD shed a light on two Canadian families, one in Nova Scotia, Canada and the other family lives in Toronto, through the eyes of secen year old Hannah who lives in NS and Eleven Year Old John who lives in Toronto.

Seven-year-old Hannah lives in a province called Nova Scotia, which is on an island, and takes two buses and a ferry to school in the morning. We will watch Hannah’s father catch lobsters and visit her mother at the dentist office. After school Hannah plays with her pets, participates in piano lessons and helps her family prepare dinner.

Eleven-year-old John lives on the outskirts of Toronto, a major city in Canada. John gets to spend his Thanksgiving holiday with this family where they will eat a big turkey dinner and spend the day away from school and work since it is a national holiday. We will visit John at his school where he studies many subjects including French, one of the main languages of Canada.

The DVD is very entertaining and informative, and let’s you obsorb the life of the Canadian family quickly and easily, and I highly recommed it for people who are wondering about what’s like to live and work in Canada.

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Citizenship Immigration Canada

Citizenship Immigration Canada