How Newcomers and Immigrants find jobs

How Newcomers and Immigrants finds jobs

Many times online I am faced with the question from intending immigrants: How is the job market in Canada for occupation x and occupation y? Degree evaluations and accreditation and if we moved can we find a job?, and they all want one thing, they want to guarnatee a job before they even land in Canada, which is rediculous ninty nine percent of the time.

When I try to explain what is wrong with such an approach, many times my answers provokes someone else on board to disagree with me, and say that intending immigrants must be prepared for the worst case scenario, and when I ask what would that be, no one answers, because they don’t know how new immigrants find their jobs in Canada, and I am going to lay it down for you and give couple of cases that I personally know about, maybe that will inspire you.
To make things clear, I am not saying that people should not ask, they should, and I am going to show you how in a minute, the bright side is that Canada has done that asking for them and decided that it needs and can finance the new immigrants and have budgets for that to help and integrate newcomers and citizens alike in the labor market, which means if you are approved for immigration you can chose to pursue any career choice you like in Canada even it was different from what you have on your immigration application, because Canada wants you to work.
Now my answer is, This is for the sake of your immigration application., that once you become a landed immigrant you will be part of the Canadian Labor force and what effects everyone effects you, so I would not worry about jobs and job prospects if your occupation is on the on-demand list of occupations , greatly overlaps with one of them, you are qualified through one of the provincial programs, or if you can create your own opportunity in Canada in any cultural, Art, crafts and sports activities. Many new immigrants find their success that way too. Once you are in Canada, no one is going to knock on your door to find if you end up working in the occupation that brought you in Canada.

Jumping into evaluating your credentials in the early stages of immigration, and if it is not specifically required as part of your case, is a sign of fear that you might lose what you already have and move to Canada, evaluating your degree will not guarantee you a job right away upon landing, and such costs are part of what the government help you with.
Moving to Canada should always means that you are gaining from leaving your first country and not losing, because if not, you are only kidding yourself, buy a tour to visit Canada, you will be better off.

Once you are in the country, what affects you effect everybody, and you are member in the workforce or a business owner. Jobs come and go, Immigrating to Canada is not just about finding a job, you have to want to live there, and then everything will be much easier

In Part two, I’ll show you how to address this issue and why the idea of finding employement before landing , if you are immigrating to live permanently in Canada is a legal risk you do not want to take.
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