How Newcomers and Immigrants Find Jobs Part 3

In part one, I explained that once you are in the country, what effects you effect everybody, and you are member in the workforce or a busines owner. Jobs come and go, Immigrating to Canada is not just about finding a job, you have to want to live there, then everything will be much easier

In Part two, I gave you some practical tips to prepare for your pre-landing job search and if you are looking only for work in Canada, by all means do not immigrate,  buy a round trip ticket and apply for a visa to do job interviews here, may be you can land a job and that’s all you need to do.
In the begingin of part three,I have to caution you, of what you might have in the back of your mind about moving to Canada “after” securing employment, and communicating that during your immigration visa interview to a visa officer, is grounds for  inadmisibilty as an immigrant, and do not act suprised when your immigration application is denied. Labor market forces does not work that way and the visa officer will definitely not like it either, it is the way immigration laws are written and no one is going to take the risk of hiring your while you are outside Canda, period, and what about the people who are already in Canada? so, unless it was some kind of a gevrement initiative to support business owners recruit their people from abroad, Canadian employers want you to come to Canad first, then find job later.

With the globbolization of the workforce and with persisitance you will find job, first obsorb that move you made by relocating to Canada, you will be given a large envelope at the airport that you need to go through and follow the procedures to obtain your social security number, apply for your healthcard, find a place to live and get that driving license, you don’t want to wonder arroud with your PR card, driving license is a lot easier and is the most used form of I.D. in Canada, it costs between 250 and 500 dollars depending on wther you already brought one with you to Canada or not.

If for any reason you are finding it difficult to find a job, you have a job counselor to talk to and she will tell you wha to do ton find a job. job counselor are goverment employees whose job is to help you find a job.

he one thing that could blow in your face if your job search and how to overcome 

Before I conclude part three here, I want to give you another tip, from Canada’s first per-immigratioon job search service, (Briliance), important one from an insider. Many Candian employers as part of their hiring process ask companies like to verify your emplyment history and that you should be able to provide contact details of your previous employers and contact person for that, but this only include verfying title and emplyment dates, responsibiliuties. so, don’t burn any bridges with the people who you worked for in the past. Briliance says that this is only a protocol and it is bushly or meaningless as many employers do not bother them selves with more than that and the law restrict access to more information, and they know it.

Briliance also says employment verification is different from “personal refrences”, those are the people who will say great thigns about you, people who worked with you in the past like your colleagues, supervisors or clients.. Contact them and ask them to be your “personal job refrence” to highlight the skills required for the new job. In return you can offer them the same favor in the future. Pick your personal refrences from your professional relationships.

If you do not have a refrence, you would be able to obtain that from volunteering couple hours of your time in the community you live in. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, gain experience and obtain refrences.
Just google " volunteer in (city, Province) to find volunteering oporutnities.

Another way is to enrol if newcomers program in goverment assisted agencies, after you enroll in some sort of a trainging program geared towards your career, they will be able to provide you with refeneces.

Briliance caution that it is a good sign that an employer ask for refrences, but it does not mean you will be hired.

Bottom line is you can not be more conservative in finding a job more than the Canadian governemt itself, if your job on the high demand list, and you want to make a life out of it here in Canada, apply and do not waste your time or your friends asking them for jobs, or going online and pleading for jobs in Canada. Use the tips I have given you here and with optomisim and positve attiude and compassionate you will be fine.

There I hope I solve your problem and next I will present two real cases of newcomers  and how they obtained employment and adapted to the Canadian workplace.
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