How Newcomers and Immigrants Find Jobs

This is Part two of the news series " How Newcomers and Immigrants to Canada find their first jobs". This part contains practical to make your immigration as as smooth as possible and help you focus the immigration process and concentrate on what is important from the beginning.

In part 1, the main point was not to occupy your self with finding a job, before actually landing in Canada. CIC recommends that you only prepare yourself by researching your destination and potential employers and familiarize yourself with the Canadian Job and labour market.

A better way to address the job question is to ask yourself which province and city is better for relocating? If you have family members or relatives in one city that does not mean that you will be better off there.

Google the city your relatives are in, or any city in Canada, look at the demographics, economy structure and employment, takes notes and compare it, and then you will have a better idea to where you want to relocate.

If you want to relocate to where your relatives are and you know the labor market is saturated there, then be ready to retrain for a new career, another service the Canada have thought about to help you as a new immigrant with. You can enroll in any college for the purpose of finding a job for little or no cost to you.

You can also rely on statistics Canada local communities profile  for additional statistics, but for the best results I encourage and recommend the services of a Canadian local labor market expert that will help you address deeper issues such as how many employers are there looking for someone with your set of skills, and help you craft a job search plan and generate job leads for you, audit your resume, and quite possibly book interviews for you.

It is no mystery, according to Canada’s first pre-landing  job search services (Brilliance) , that starting to send off resumes  to employers will not get you anywhere and job listing are designed to exclude job seekers, it only makes sense because lots of people apply to jobs. Besides you still do not know what resumes formats appeal to employers in Canada.

What Brilliance recommends doing is limit yourself to exploring the labour market, prior to your landing,  by visiting Canada official job search board, and other top job boards. From those job posts,  get familiar and gather information about Job titles in your chosen industry, lingo, acronyms, certifications, employer, skills and keep a journal or keep notepad file of your findings.  

Brilliance recommends that you create your own job alerts list, visit prospective employers’ websites and read Canada trade publications websites in your chosen field. This way you will get exposed to the market more than once weekly.

Once you accumulate enough information about your intending community and labor market, you will feel confident about your job prospects and finding a job, equipped with this information about your city and your targeted occupation.

Brilliance also recommends avoid contacting recruitment agencies, because they target people who are already in Canada with valid papers and according to their client’s needs, the employer, not you the jobseeker, so avoid wasting your time, and these agencies usually specialize in one field, and you wouldn’t know which one is better for you. 

A better alternative is to identify someone in your field and in a higher position than yours on social sites like linkedin or facbook and asking them for names of recruitment agencies for your industry, again to add it to your resource file and not to waste your time contacting them. Never ask for jobs, you will piss or turn people off, I mean you would if someone asked you.

In part three, I’ll write about the Canadian hiring process, and the one thing the could blow in your face after you get employers interested in you, and why you do not want to say “you are moving to Canada after you secure employment”

This article is free to syndicate and publish on the internet, provided you keep a link back using “immigration to Canada and your job search” as an anchor test. Also feel free to share on social networks, and leave comments, I read them all.

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