How Newcomers and Immigrants Find Jobs Part 5

Hilda is a nurse, she arrived in Canada with her husband to find a better future for their children.

After landing in Canada Hilda looked up the information for newcomers agency in her community in the booklet that was handed to her at the immigration dept in the airport.

Soon enough, Hilda was sitting with the settlement coordinator, who helped her find a place to rent and made a referral on her behalf to an employment coordinator for her to start her job search.

Soon enough Hilda sat down with the employment coordinator for filling up the intake forms. All she needed is her landing forms that was signed  by CIC officer at the airport. The employment coordinator then  made Hilda aware of the bridging program, funded by CIC,  to helps newcomers integrate in the Canadian workplace and help them find employment through the power of personal references, direct job search, and support from local employers.

Hilda also finds out that her profession is the not the only one supported through this bridging program. Professional associations and Sectors council in Canada coordinate with government their workforce needs and build bridging program to fill gaps in the labour market, and that's what made her to believe she made the right choice by choosing Canada.

She finds out that other agencies run programs for travel agents, and people in the hospitality industry, and another one for accounting and management, and that the Canadian government had a program for every regulated profession and trade. Even Canadians who lose their jobs has the opportunity to retrain and become productive again.

Determined to take the nursing exams in Canada, Hilda volunteered few hours of her time in a health care organization, and she worked as a produce packager to earn income while she was preparing for the nursing exam. During this period she started to have her doubts, and she missed her first country so much. However she understood that this is what newcomers go through to overcome homesickness and  cultural shock .

Few months went by and Hilda took the Nursing English Exam required to become a registered nurse, and provide proof that she is fluent in English.  Now , she is a registered nurse working in nursing home, and always learning and looking to improve her self. She advices newcomers not to give up and to believe in their abilities as they did when they obtained their immigration visas,

So, availing of the resources for newcomers, such as public training, employment and settlement specialists makes your settlement in Canada a smooth process, if not, it can give you direction on the way to full integration in the Canadian society. 

Disclaimer: Immigration is not for everyone. It requires sacrifice and courage. Seek profession immigration help if you are unable to do it on your own. For job prospects and potential employers seek help from Canada’s First Pre-Immigration Job Search Service . They can be reached through facebook 

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