Government of Canada proposing new changes to immigrant skilled worker program - Part 4

The New proposed rules aims  to reduce the "number of years" required to claim points for a trade or technical non-academic (university) credential.

Chefs, cooks, carpenters, mechanics, electricans, plumbers, welders, heavy machine operators are few of the skilled trades Canada's is experiencing shortage in.

Current rules put the skilled tradepeople at a disadvantage. Skilled tradespeople who have a certificate or a license in their trade but not the number of years of education, currently, lose points and are may get disqualified.

Here's an example: a tradesperson applicant with basic language skills, and arranged employment, would not be selected under the current rules, although the tradeperson can become economically established very fast giving the arranged employment.

Under the proposed rule, basic language skills which allows the tradeperson to respect safety requirments, would be selected with the changes. 

As a result, tradespople makes up less than 3% of all the federal skilled worker applicants pool. CIC wants that changed. Less number of years of formal education will be required to claim points for a technical or trade certificate or license.

Citizenship Immigration Canada

Citizenship Immigration Canada