Getting a Job Prior to Immigration

Majority of economic immigrants start their immigration process by looking for a job while outside Canada, and they do not know that they can visit Canada to do interviews and various job search tasks.
Table of Content

  1. Work permit Immigration
  2. Types of Work permit Immigration
  3. Canadian Immigration and labour Market 
  4. Finding Canadian Employers
  5. Sources of Information
  6. Recommendation

Work Permit Immigration
While Canada allows this model to exist, most economic immigrants start with a job offer in mind, becasue they look at immigration from a work permit perespective, which is a a non-immigrant permit. This may creates a confusion for lot of them, one canot apply to live permanently in Canada with a wotk permit. So, Canada has found separate categories for potential immigrants with work permits who wish to immigrate to Canada permanently.

Types of Work permit Immigration
Potenial immigratns can apply under the following classes arranged employment and  provincial nominee program from out side Canada. If inside Canada, They can apply after spending two years in full time authorized employment.

Under the PNP, It is possible to file for a PR visa and a work permit visa at the same time, This way you are permitted to work while you wait for your PR visa, only in that particular province.

Canadian labour Market and Immigration
Immigration is an overwhelming experience, and the majority of immigrants are economic immigrants, they are skilled workers and professionals.

Canada is among the top countries in the world that attracts economic immigrants. A quick analysis of google search terms, 68% of economic immigrants thought of  Canada as a potential place to live and work.

Canada also have a fluid immigration policy. It adapts to the changing needs of the Canadian labour market, and ministerial instructions discontinues and extend new applications to critical occupation accordingly.

Finding Canadian employers

In online communities, the most talked about topic is finding a job prior to immigration, and the question remains how to find Canadian employers that will hire foreign workers either temporary or permantly through the Federal skilled worker scheme or the PNP?

Sources of Information: Trade Publications
Among the top tips that I give to job seekers is to  gather information through Canadian trade publications and professional association and local chambers of commerce publications.

Many feature stories include interviews with industry leaders who spill it out the way it is about the labour market. Pinpoint information about labour needs, where do they recruit from and companies names.

Mass media and Websites
Job seekers can then follow up by looking up, the companies websites and job recruitment sections in the mass media in countries where potential employers recruit from, because think about it, if you were an employer and you are unable to find enough workers in Canada, would you advertise in Canada? of course not.

For example, is a construction company, they recruit roofers and glaziers from Ireland, and they publish their ad int Irish papers.  It may take few months to make a list of potenial employers and where they recruit from, but it is a golden nugget of information.

Social media 
Another tip is social media. If you are comfortable with this type of communication. First step is to educate yourself first on products and services in the industry through trade publication sites, look for reviews of these products and services, the internet is full of this information, and try to bring value to that discussion.

Next, search for people who you can connect with. Using your employers list, do a search on linkedin and make contacts.

Next, start adding value by writing about your potential employers products and serviecs on your blog, and link that up with your social media profile.

Do not ask for a job, it is a major turn off. Let the job come to you by providing value. Soon your voice will get  the attention and creat a dialogue then an interview and later a job offer.

Job Search Agencies
If a potential immigrants do no have the time, they can outsource all this to a job search agency, one that works on the job seeker side of the recruitment equation. Check resources below for an agency that I work with and recomend.


  1. Know what type of job you are looking for. Be specific with titles. It can't be any job. Narrow it down to what you can achieve.
  2. Know your potential employer, you can not be every candidate to every employer.
  3. If you are job hunting in Canada, familiarize yourself with the immigration requirements for employers, to avoid wasting time.(Look in resources below for help with a list of solid  potential employers)
  4. Gather information from Trade publications and mass media.
  5. Create social profile online, add content and find out what employers look for in new employees.
  6. Take notes of cultural idioms and phrases, these will help you to fit in. 
  7. Visit Canada to meet potential employers.

Finding work prior to immigration is a systematic approach and it can be done. Knowing your employers, and an overview how the immigration process works, providing value helps you glide through to a job offer.


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