Find Jobs in Canada

I have seen many real examples of "immigration to Canada does work" ,  and I personally know many newcomers who found jobs in their first 90 days in Canada by simply talking to people!

Say what!!??  talking to people?. You might wonder.

Talking to people is simply that fancy word that you read about over and over again. NETWORKING.
When you the work networking, it puts unseen barriers in front of you. So change that to simply, talking to people to get your foot in the door of the next employer.

How talking to people to find jobs works

1- Do a "No Experience" ,"urgent"," ASAP","immediate" search  on
2- Collect the information on the left side column which features, job titles, cities and names.
3-  Start talking to people online and offline.
4-IMPORTANT: Don't ask people about jobs, as for "Introductions" to someone your contact knows inside any of these companies, and in turn, that someone, will lead you straight to the hiring manager.

People hire people, remember that, and all that rubbish about the “hidden job marker” this is how it works.

Talk to your contact:

  • Ask if they would will to look at your potential employers list
  • Ask if they know about them, and how ( the how will lead you to uncover the inside contact)
  • Ask if they can suggest more potential names.
  • Ask if they know current or former employees of these potential employers
  • Ask for the introduction
  • Give them your resume AFTER you talk with them

Talk to Inside Contacts

  • Ask about the organization workplace and the who decided about hiring
  • Ask about salaries 
  • what they look for in an employee (pay special attention to this)
  • what they do and how (pay special attention to this)
  • Ask to meet the hiring manager
  • Show them your resume

Talk to hiring managers

  • Hiring managers decides who get hired, do not confuse this with HR.
  • This is just like an interview, tell them that you are interested, and blend in answers from the inside contacts.

Express interest in hearing from them when they have an opening and leave your resume.

This is the foundation, and to seperate your self from the flok, follow up 3-4 weeks, to let them know you are still avaialeble and interested in their organizaion.

More options
You may elect to use social media like facebook, twitter or linkedin (whihc is hell of a way to find hiring managers) , to find contacts, make sure you seperate your professional contacts from personal contacts and make sure to set privacy settings to let them see what you want them to see. see facebook help for instructions.

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Citizenship Immigration Canada