IT Jobs In Canada For Freshers

IT Shortage in Canada, Myth or Reality?

A Quick Research
I’ve done a quick research on Indeed Jobs and it came back with 32,750 jobs. Now divide that by the number of cities in Canada, which is 442, then you come up with 74 jobs per city, which shows demand for IT people, but this is not the end of research, because IT is a large domain. So, here’s few tips from an IT manager.

  • If you are good and can present yourself well then getting a job should be about the same as what it would be back in old country.
  • Just make sure you drop age and addresses from your resume. Apart from that a CV is a resume is a CV.
  • To build your contacts go to bars and watch Hockey which is a great way to meet people. Just chat to the person next to you and you never know. Watch the reactions of the bar staff towards the patrons and you get an idea who to avoid.

What I would add to IT Manager Tips

  • Narrow down your search 
  • Know exactly what you want to do (tech. support or other title)
  • Decide on a city
  • Connect with people online and offline
  • Make a short list of potential employers
  • Talk with your Canadian Contacts about your potential employers
  • Move up the jobsearch chain by seeking introductions rather than jobs.
  • Travel to do interviews.
Immigration Options

  1. working holiday Visa
  2. Student/ Canada Experience Visa
  3. Arranged employment, could be tricky, so hire someone to help you (
  4. Federal Skilled worker if the option is available by CIC


IT Careers Canada Job board allows you to post your job openings. The job board list daily opportunities that are read by a large number of information technology specialists. 

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Citizenship Immigration Canada