Jobs In Canada For Freshers

Arе You an Employable Graduate?

I got a bachelor's in International Studies and have not been able to get any jobs since graduation. I want to go back to school and figure that I should get more of a trade. Would it be better to get an Agriculture or Geography degree than stick with International Studies?

 I would also advise against going for another UG degree or costly graduate degree until you really examine what you want in life. Right now, everyone is finding it hard to find a job so I don't think there will be an easy path for you. Decide what you really want out of your job (money, satisfaction, both, etc.), then look into what jobs actually provide that and how available they are. It might help to get some sort of internship in that field before pursuing it full time, as well.
In this market, it's taking people 6 months or more (some people a whole year) before they find employment.

Before you incur the considerable expense of a master's program you need to figure out what you want to do and what your purpose for getting that degree is.

Don't just rack up degrees because you think they're going to get you a job, because even an unfocused MBA will have a hard time finding jobs even in a good market.

Think about what your goals are and what kind of jobs you want to do. See what people are doing the work that you want to do, and then figure out what they did to get them there. It may turn out that the people in your desired field don't have graduate degrees at all, but that they just worked their butt off as a grunt worker for a couple of years and moved up

International students working in Canada

Prospective students coming to Canada from overseas commonly ask for information on the employment prospects after completing a qualification or on finding a part time job while they are studying. Work options for international students include:

  • Working on campus
  • Working off campus
  • Co-op and internship programs
  • Working after graduation

As study permit is required if you decided to come to Canada to study. Your working options can not be used to serve as a financing options, as work is not always guaranteed.

Citizenship Immigration Canada

Citizenship Immigration Canada