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What are the requirments to get a permanent resident card of Canada?

I am an Indian, planning to settle down in Canada.
I checked severals websites, but the tones of information is confusing me.
2. Can a person living in Canada with student visa transfer to any other company as permanent worker?

Diana answers:

Check this site. The rules just changed about changing status:

can i still live in korea if i have permanent resident card in canada?

i am going to liv ein korea so can i just go and live there or do i have to give up permanent resident card? do i then need to get visa to korea or citizenship? my dad is korean. My mom has permanent resident card. I have korean passport. Please help thanks.

Diana answers:

If you live in Korea for an extended period of time, you will be “abandoning” your permanent resident status in Canada. You would then need a visitor visa to visit Canada. You do not need a visa for Korea since you are a Korean citizen. Read sits below.

How long does it take for a sponsored child to get a permanent resident card for Canada?

I’m 15 and just wondering if there’s anyone else out there who’s had to go through the same situation and how long it took?
I’m Australian, not married (obviously) and in perfect health. My father is sponsoring me and he is well off in Canada and has a great job. Will all the latter make this process quicker for me?
The fee has been paid and all the papers have been sent to Mississauga.

Diana answers:


no specific time for sydney (because noone else has sponsored a child from sydney in the last 12 months) but the average time for the asia pacific area is 15 months.
From mississuaga, the relevant files will be sent to sydney and processed there

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Citizenship Immigration Canada