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What do I have to do when writing a letter of invitation to invite someone to come and visit me in Korea?

Do I have to write a Letter of Sponsorship to the Korean Immigration Office, and a separate Letter of Invitation to my fiancee? There has been mention of notarisation of the Letter of Invitation which my fiancee has to lodge with her visa application at the Korean Embassy in Manila – which Korean office notarises the letter of Invitation? Is it the Korean Immigration Office? What details should actually go in the Letter of Invitation? What is the notarisation procedure for such letter as those which I have to draft for my fiancee to lodge with her application with the Korean Embassy in Manila? I want to make sure I get it it right for the Korean Embassy in Manila!

Diana answers:

It can be address to your fiancee, but list all the information they’ll looking for.
The relationship, the reason of visit, and for how long. Who will take care of the expenses, where will the person stay, etc.
You can also get assistant from most of travel agency, they know lots of legal information, of course, they expect your business in return.
You’ll need to noterised the letter of invitation, make two copies, keep one for yourself, send the letter and a copy to your fiancee.

If you plan to get marry, mention it as the reason for visit, check to see the time frame. In state, you need to be married with in given days, unless the visa expired.
Here is some example;
dear so and so,
I’d like for you to come visit me during January, so we can get our wedding as planed.
I will provide your fair and all the expenses. You will stay with me at this address_____________,
I am looking forward to see you.
They might have a form you can use too, and most likely you need provide your conformed income information.
Good luck,

How do you write a letter to USCIS to request that they cancel your sponsorship of your ex-husband?

What do you include in the letter, and where can I find the correct address? So far I haven’t found it on the Immigration website.
Please look at my other question (they’re related). Thanks.

Diana answers:

To cancel an Affidavit of Support/sponsorship the US citizen needs to have STRONG proof that tha marriage is a sham/scam/etc.

A divorce won’t cancel the sponsorship.
Contact the local office, the office where you went for the GC interview.
There is not standard type for writing USCIS a letter. Tell them in your own words why you believe your marriage was a sham, but be careful: your husband might say you agreed with that. It will be your word against his.Do you want to risk and take all the stress? Why just don’t move with your life? Let it be !!!

can anybody here help us with the Philippine immigration?

My bf with 2 other friends were scheduled to go to Bangkok 2 weeks ago, but they were stopped at the immigration in Manila (immig said they dont have enough funds to go to Bangkok).. The immigration officer also took their passports and will be returned in few days. However, until now the passports are still with them and they are now asking for a sponsorship letter from Thailand. My bf told them that their trip is already cancelled, but still the immigration officer is still insisting that they need the letter in order for them to release the passport.
is it really legal for them to confiscate the passport? does anybody here knows somebody from the immig who can help us get the passport.
Thank you!

Diana answers:

It sounds like your BF was really headed for trouble. I mean it sounds like human trafficking could have been at play here.

He had a job lined up there and the employer didn’t know to provide this information before hand?
Not long ago boxers were found in slave like conditions in Australia, forced to serve as house boys.
I think BI can hold their passports until they produce documentation that they are going to leave and meet the requirements. There is no reason to return the passports if the are not leaving.

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