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Jobs In High Turnover Industries

Jobs in high turnover industries will always have available and open positions. Jobs with high turnover rates are typically not the ones people seek because they are quite unstable. But, income has to come from somewhere and these jobs are the likeliest to hire.


You will be responsible for beautifying the customer. Anything involving shampooing, cutting, coloring the hair, and styling the hair is in your job description. Sometimes the customer may require a special look for a dress up event. You can let your creative side loose by using wigs and applying makeup.

Elderly and Alzheimer's Caregivers

Caregivers' roles include daily care and companionship to the elderly. There will be grooming, bathing and feeding sessions. You will become their advocate and communication to the outside world in financial and medical matters. You may also administer their medication depending on your experience levels. Salaries typically range from to dollars an hour.

Bank Tellers

If you want to get an inside look into banking and money transactions, being a bank teller will allow you to receive and pay out money. Much of the job is customer service but you are also required to maintain transactions and input logs and checks into their accounts.

Food Catering

Caterers will be required to prepare food for events and customers. They will service this food to the event participants and be responsible for the clean up after the event ends. You will an extra duty to write out a menu prior to an event for approval by the paying customer.

If you're not looking for stability right now but something to ride out the recession, consider taking up one of these jobs. The important thing is not to let your current skillsdeterioratein the meanwhile. This means, you have maintain your marketable skills such as engaging in side projects and keeping up with latest job skills. High turnover jobs are not the final solution but a bridge to keep some income flowing.

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