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Recovering a corrupt or damage PowerPoint file using Temp folder

Microsoft PowerPoint presentations have the tendency to go corrupt due to various reasons. But if you end up with a corrupt or damaged PowerPoint file when you were trying to save it or if you were working on it when either PowerPoint or Windows crashed, don't worry, you can recover it very easily. The way to recovery is TMP file. When you edit a PowerPoint presentation, it will create a temporary copy of the file with the name PPT ####.tmp, where #### represents a random four-digit number. You can locate this file in the same folder as the presentation, or it may be located in your temporary file folder. If for any reason, you are unable to recover powerpoint file, there is still a hope attached with ppt recovery software. You can download a third-party utility from the Internet and install it on your system to recover a corrupt or damaged presentation with all its objects in a small amount of time.

Recovering using .tmp file

Though, recovering a corrupt or damaged PowerPoint file via going TMP way cannot prove successful in each and every scenario, but it sill worth checking and trying. Follow the below-mentioned steps to recover PowerPoint file:

  • Check the folder from where you open the presentation from and look for a file with the name ppt####.tmp.
  • If you do not find the tmp file, you must search for it. Click Start, point to Find, and then click Files or Folders
  • Now in the search for Files and Folders named box, type PPT*.tmp
  • In the look in box, click My Computer, and then click Find Now or Search Now.
  • After finding the files, observe the following steps:

1.Right-click the file, and then click Rename
2.Change the old file name extension from .tmp to .ppt, so that the file name looks same to PPT####.ppt.
3.Now try and open the file in PowerPoint.

Alternate and hassle-free way
Even after observing the above steps, you are not able to recover pptx file, use an easy-to-use PowerPoint recovery software.

Such recovery utilities are less time consuming as they repair and recover corrupt .ppt files by applying improved scanning algorithms.

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