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Immigration from Canada to the United States

Much against the case with the southern neighbor, Mexico, the United States is related to peaceful border with its northern neighbor, Canada. The two countries share the longest border indéfendue the world (the international border) which is why the illegal infiltration is not an important factor in their relationship from one state to another. However there are still events of Canada’s immigration to the United States .

Border security along the international border was dramatically improved by both since the 9 / 11 (although it does not say that none of the 19 terrorists involved in the attacks of Sept. 11 comes into the United States by through the Canadian border).

U.S. and Canadian residents with property near the border need to report to their respective governments in the event the construction of any physical border crossing on their land. In addition , all immigrants should report to the customs and respective agencies immigration in each country. In the remote areas without the service of border crossings staffed, there are hidden sensors on roads and in wooded areas near the crossings and on railway staff but disproportionate border to check and stop the flow.

In the past, Canada has complained about the cigarette and firearms smuggling by the United States while only the latter complained of the passage of drugs from Canada. Human smuggling in both countries has been an ongoing problem for border security personnel and police. In July 2005 police personnel caught taking three men who had built a tunnel along the border between British Columbia and Washington to marijuana smuggling. 

Citizenship Immigration Canada

Citizenship Immigration Canada